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Echolalia autism refers to autistic individuals who recite back verbally what is heard. There are two types of echolalia. The first is called Immediate Echolalia wherein the words are repeated back quickly. For example, if you were to ask, “Would you like some apple juice?” The instant response is “Would you like some apple juice?” It has been explained that the short-term memory function of the brain is what makes this happen.

The second type is called Delayed Echolalia. This taps into the long-term memory function of the brain. After some time has passed, the autistic individual can recite an entire movie they had watched, the dialogue of a TV commercial, or the praises of a teacher.

Delayed Echolalia may suggest genius for being able to remember and repeat lengthy pieces, while Immediate Echolalia not so much, as Immediate Echolalia appears to be like a knee-jerk reaction to quickly say back any auditory input.

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