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Many autistic children have outstanding abilities in music, math and other skills.

"Children with autism display a wide range of intellectual abilities, from profound mental deficiency to superior
intelligence. It is generally thought that less than 30 percent of autistic individuals have intelligence in the normal
range. Some autistic persons show exceptional talents despite functional disability in general. Along with the
difficulties, autism can bring individual strengths along with special abilities. Some of these include strong memory
skills, math skills, three-dimensional thinking, musical ability, artistic ability, honesty, and the ability to intensely focus
on an interest."

"Many individuals with autism do have "splinter skills” or “islets of ability”. Sometimes people with autism show talent
in a specific area of interest. About 1 in 10 of individuals with autism have specific skills in which they excel, far
beyond the average population. Some children with autism may have special talents, such as artistic abilities
(exceptional drawing), musical abilities (play instruments), and rote memory (numerical calculations)."

"Not every person with autism is a savant. Ten percent of people with autism have been reported to demonstrate
savant abilities in music, drawing, or calculation. Savant is a rare condition in which persons with developmental
disorders (including autism spectrum disorders) have one or more areas of expertise, ability or brilliance. Some
individuals with savant syndrome may have little or no impaired cognitive functioning with their autism."



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