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Animated Movies For Communication

A real-life account of using animated movies for communication by an autistic child is given by author, Ron Suskind, while he was a guest on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart on Tuesday, May 13, 2014.

The book is entitled, Life Animated, and shares how Mr. Suskind's son, Owen, used the dialogue of animated movies to communicate. Owen had watched the movies repeatedly so he can memorize the words and use those words to express himself. (To buy the book, click on book cover on the right).

During a clip, Mr. Suskind asks Owen, "Who are you?" and Owen replies, "You are my son" (from The Lion King) to basically answer that Owen understands that Mr. Suskind is his father.

Mr. Suskind continues on to emphasize to be open to whatever works for the autistic child to reach out, and for the family and everyone to be able to have a world they can be with the autistic child.

This is incredible as it provides another therapy to encourage the autistic child, family, and caretakers to use whatever works.

Should you happen to see your child who is newly diagnosed with autism become engrossed or obssessed in a children's TV show or a favorite movie(s) or book(s), help them memorize everything and allow that memorization to be used to communicate.

In other words, be open to anything, such as if your child has an affinity for music and likes to sing songs, let the child use this to communicate.

Mr. Suskind said that Owen knew he was losing grasp and that was when Owen started obsessing over the animated movies and memorizing the dialogue because he knew he could use the dialogue to communicate.

In humor, Jon Stewart fashion, he adds that the words used would be different if the movies were Tarantino films.


You may also see Mr. Suskind promoting his book at various shows including Real Time With Bill Maher.

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