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aba as effective treatment for autism

Teaching Pixaba as effective treatment for autism has become very popular as it has proven to help children with autism.  There are many branches to ABA and many teaching methods can be developed into lesson plans to focus on learning specific skills, no matter how seemingly small.  Consider the use of images when developing your teaching materials for your child or students in your classroom.  

What makes a good ABA therapy program?  

"In a quality ABA program, behavior change procedures are specified clearly. The instructions and prompts, reinforcers ("rewards"), materials, and so on that are used to develop each skill are tailored to the individual learner. There is a written program or set of instructions for teaching each skill; the behavior analyst in charge of the programming trains everyone who works with the learner to implement those programs consistently. It is particularly important for parents to be trained to implement the procedures outside of formal treatment sessions, in a variety of settings (home, playground, community); research has shown that otherwise, the learner's skills are not likely to generalize."  Read more about it from this great article about ABA as treatment for autism.

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Teaching Pix CD for thousands of images that can be used for ABA Therapy!


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