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san diego behavioral cognitive therapy

Are you looking for san diego behavioral cognitive therapy?  First what criteria must you know before choosing a therapist?  Where in your area can you find a cognitive behavioral therapist?  See below for answers:

How Do I Choose a Therapist?

Be a good consumer!

  • Make sure your therapist is appropriately licensed in your state or province.
  • Make sure your therapist has experience with the conditions for which you are seeking help.
  • Ask about the costs of treatment and explore your insurance company’s policy on reimbursement.
  • Ask about your therapist’s training in CBT.
  • After your initial interviews, ask your therapist about her or his plan for your treatment.
  • Ask your therapist about her or his expectations of success based on the available research.
  • Ask about the projected length of treatment.
  • Ask how your progress in treatment will be measured.
  • Ask your therapist about alternatives to the treatment plan she or he is recommending.
  • If problems arise in therapy (e.g., you are not making progress, you are bothered by your therapist’s recommendations, you have hurt feelings), make every effort to discuss these issues directly with your therapist, even though this may be difficult.
  • If problems persist in therapy, you may wish to seek a consultation (second opinion) and/or consider new alternatives.

CBT can be done by mental health professionals such as psychologists, psychiatrists, clinical social workers, mental health counselors, and psychiatric nurses. To find a CBT provider in your area, click here.


Here are some San Diego therapists.  List from website::

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