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cognitive behavioral therapy for obsessive compessive

The work of Dr. B.F. Skinner is the basis for Applied Behavioral Analysis or ABA.  His work as a teacher as well as his research into modifying the behaviors of pigeons during WWII and his ongoing findings on teaching methods continues to be applied to today’s teaching techniques, that are helpful and proven especially for children with learning disabilities. 

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“Behavior analysis dates back at least to Skinner, who performed animal experiments showing that food rewards (immediate positive consequences to a target behavior) lead to behavior changes. This is accepted by everyone who wants to train their dog to 'go' outside, but we are not so inclined to want to believe the same of ourselves. Part of the problem is that people do respond to a broad range of reinforcements (rewards), but it is really true that an edible treat is among the most reliable, especially at first. (The skills that we more often think lead to learning--motivation, self-discipline, curiosity--are marvelous, and really do set us apart from other animals--but those are truly sophisticated 'behaviors' that fully develop only after more basic language and social skills are in place.)”

“Conversely, any new behavior that an animal (or you or I) may try, but is never rewarded, is likely to die out after a while (how often will you dial that busy number?). And, as common sense would have it, a behavior that results in something unpleasant (an aversive) is even less likely to be repeated. These are the basics of behavioral learning theory. ABA uses these principles to set up an environment in which our kids learn as much as they can as quickly as possible. It is a science, not a 'philosophy.' (Even the "as quickly as possible" part is based on science, since there is some--not conclusive--evidence that the developmentally disordered brain "learns how to learn" best if the basic skills are taught in early childhood.)”

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“A behavior-modification-type approach to learning based on the work of Dr. B.F Skinner” --

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