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sample aba program for a child with autism

You can find a sample aba program for a child with autism through therapists who work with children with autism, through moms who have developed aba based lessons for their children, and through workshops, conferences, or schools.

ABA programs have many things in common, such as making tasks step-by-step, very little distraction, focusing on one thing at a time, repetition and verification of skills learned.

For example, to help the pre-school autistic child learn his letters, make the letters uniform in font style, make the letters all only one color so there are no distractions, make the letters of the same cardboard stock, introduce each letter one at a time and use repetition to make sure the letters are learned and verify that this knowledge has been learned.  Finally, use reward for all the hard work and the skills gained.  Treats, a trip to the park, a pet or swing (for big accomplishments) should be given.

An effective program may include flashcards.

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